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Terry Urban - FKA Biggie (2015) iTunes Plus CD Completo

Terry Urban - FKA Biggie (2015) iTunes Plus CD Completo
Terry Urban - FKA Biggie (2015) iTunes Plus CD Completo

Terry Urban - FKA Biggie (2015) iTunes Plus CD Completo

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Terry Urban - FKA Biggie (2015) iTunes Plus CD Completo

Genres: Electronic, Rap/Hip-Hop, Music
Released: 19.03.15
℗ TerryUrban

1. Video Girl Dreams
2. Pendulum Story
3. Who Shot Papi (Prod. by Chi Duly)
4. Give Up The Money 
5. Notorious Ache 
6. Real Hours (Prod. by P-Sol)
7. Two Weeks In Cali
8. Come Closer Poppa

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